international distribution.

Mirror Audiovisual is a company founded in 2007, based in Madrid (Spain), specialized in Distribution and Production. Its directors are María Rezola and Julio Calistro.

María Rezola has extensive experience in the management of thematic channels (for ten years she has been Director General of the channels Documanía, Viajar, Caza y Pesca, Estilo, all of them from Sogecable-Grupo Prisa). She has also been the Director of the Documentary area of Canal + Spain and has worked as an international consultant in various audiovisual and digital projects.

Julio Calistro was Sub-Director of the Cinema programs of Canal + Spain, Director General of the Cinemanía channel (Sogecable-Prisa), and Director of Contents and Antenna of Localia, commercial brand of the local television network of the Prisa group. Previously he had worked in Marketing and Communication to release films in theaters.

In addition to our own catalog of films, series and documentaries, we are also the sales agents in Spain of the Wanda Films and Caramel Films catalogs.

We also have a collaboration agreement with Sole Rosso Audiovisual, agent of sale of the Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI Com) for Spain and Portugal territories.